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Tommy the Traveling TTFM Proves his Reliability at Food Production Plant

Tommy waiting for his debut
Tommy waiting patiently for his moment to shine
Tommy the traveling TTFM in the car
Tommy the Traveling TTFM in the car.

After their first successful trial last week, Tommy and his friends went exploring again this week. This week they were up in Manchester with our Sales Manager, Jeff Cassells and our Product and Support Manager, Rhys Griffiths.

Tommy was definitely excited to see more of the UK – just look at his face in Rhys’ car!

They went to visit a food production factory near Manchester where they make Jam, Honey and other edible yummy’s! In order to have a clear idea of water usage and know where water was going (with an overall aim to reduce water consumption) the site was interested in measuring the flow of clean water at various points in the factory.

Upon first consideration, the engineer manager for the site was thinking about installing inline magnetic flow meters at numerous key locations, with an estimated installed cost of around £1000 per location.

“Another win in the bag for Tommy! ”
Tommy's flow readings
Tommy the Traveling TTFM 6.1 Flow Meter

As this was a clean water application, unfortunately Daisy the DFM and Freddie the FlowPulse were unsuitable for this application, as they both need particles to be present in the liquid to be able to gauge a reading. However, clean water applications are Tommy the Traveling TTFM's time to shine! Just look how excited he was waiting for installation.

The installation was on a 3” stainless steel pipe and proved absolutely no problem for Tommy. Just look at the clear readings he was getting!

As there are multiple locations to be monitored it was decided that a portable solution would be a much more cost effective solution than fixed flow reading on TTFM installations, luckily Tommy’s sister, Poppy the PTFM is just a short journey away from their home back in Long Sault, Canada.

Overall, the visit was a success and the engineer manager for the food production site was pleased with Tommy’s results. Another win in the bag for Tommy!

Stay tuned to hear about more of Tommy the Traveling TTFM’s adventures in the UK – If you’d like to arrange a day trial for Tommy and his friends on one of your sites, please contact the office directly or your respective sales manager.


Product Information - Greyline TTFM 6.1 Transit Time Flow Meter



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