Water Bottling Plant Chooses Greyline for Level Control

Greyline SLT32 Ultrasonic
Level Monitors
Culligan's water bottling line
Culligan's water bottling line

Water Tank Level Monitoring and Control with Ultrasonic Sensors Non-Contacting

When of Calgary Alberta needed to automate water tank levels at their bottling plant in Calgary Alberta they called on of High River, Alberta for system advice. They selected Greyline SLT32 Ultrasonic Level Monitors with digital level display and programmable control relays for level control in five stainless steel tanks.

Culligan were able to double up level monitoring of two tanks with one instrument because pairs of identical-sized tanks were interconnected with a 2” pipe near their base. The Greyline SLT32 was calibrated to display the combined volume of both tanks. This function worked with a two vertical tanks as well as a pair of horizontal round tanks where the SLT32’s HRT round tank volume calibration function was used.

The SLT32 control relays were used in conjunction with an existing control system to control fill and discharge valves plus high level alarms.

Non-contacting ultrasonic sensors were installed at the top of the tanks. Two joined 10,000 gallon tanks contain Spring Water. Another two joined 10,000 tanks hold reverse osmosis water and one 7,500 gallon tank contains distilled water.