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Flow and Level Measurement Wastewater Applications Guide

Download the Flow and Level Measurement Wastewater Applications Guide

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Pulsar Ultra 3 Wall mount controller with dB10Transducer and hinged bracket
Pulsar Ultra 3 facia mount controller with dB10 Transducer and hinged bracket
Pulsar Ultra 3 wall mount controller
Pulsar Ultra 3 Facia mount controller

Pulsar Ultra 3 & dB10 Pump Station Control Bundle

Sophisticated and reliable non-contacting ultrasonic measurement

Ultra 3 is perfect for the wide range of level measurement applications, featuring three control relays and a measurement range from 125mm to 40m.

This bundle includes the Ultra 3 controller, dB10 Ultrasonic Transducer, Hinged Transducer Bracket, and PC Suite Software with dongle.

Ultra 3

Ultra 3 display with quick setup Ultra Wizard

Ultra 3 Features

  • 3 relays
  • IP64 or IP65 depending on mounting option chosen
  • Easy menu driven set-up - see Ultra Wizard section below
  • Wall or Fascia Mounting available

A full-function combination instrument

Ultra 3 provides reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level, volume, open channel flow measurement and pump control. The Ultra 3 controller benefits from Pulsar's DATEM, advanced echo processing software, for reliable level measurement.

Pump control:

Ultra 3 gives you pump control on changing level or rate of level change to provide:

  • Power on delay
  • Pump start delay
  • Fixed duty assist
  • Fixed duty back up
  • Alternate duty assist

Easy Menu Set-up - Ultra Wizard

Ultra Wizard is an on-board, menu-driven software tool that allows the user to quickly and simply set up an Ultra 3 unit for a specific application. The user is led into a 'Quick Setup' menu specific to the application chosen that allows parameters such as empty and full distances and alarm/control relay settings to be entered. The majority of applications will be 'ready to go'. This unit can also be configured using Pulsar's PC Suite software.

Ultra Data Logger

Pulsar's Ultra Data Logger provides wall mounted Ultra Controllers with data logging functionality. Ultra Data Logger records a wealth of information onto the supplied 8GB Micro SD card enabling you to log a wealth of data for the lifetime of the unit - for example, when set to log at 30 second intervals, the logging period is 19,884 days (54.5 years). Log interval is user selectable and logged files are stored in .csv format which can be used with the most widely used spreadsheet software.

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