Greyline Data Logger and Software

Greyline Logger   


Store and Retrieve Flow or Level data with a built-in Data Logger

Greyline Logger software displays logs in Graph and Table format with your choice of engineering units

Exports data to Spreadsheet or Database programs

Greyline Data Logger Features:

  • Flow and Level instrument models with 300,000 or 2 million date and time-stamped data point capacity

  • Models with multi session capability - stores up to 10 separate logging "sessions"

  • "Greyline Logger" software for Windows™ included

  • USB 2.0 or RS232 serial output with selectable baud rates from 1200 to 19,200

  • Retrieve log files by modem, direct PC connection or USB flash drive (varies by instrument model)

  • Log Flow or Level readings in 1 second to 30 minute intervals (varies by instrument model)

  • Create reports including Minimum, Maximum, Average and Total in your choice of 1-24 hour intervals

  • One-click export to Microsoft Excel

Each Greyline Instrument with built-in Data Logger includes a USB or RS232 serial output, terminal connections, cable and adapters. Connect directly to the USB or serial port on your PC or Laptop, or by dial-up connection through modems and phone lines. Download directly to USB memory sticks from some Greyline models.

Run the Greyline Logger software program to retrieve and open data logs on your computer. Display multiple files or "sessions" in both graph and table formats. Log files can be exported in graphic file formats or as delimited text files for use in spreadsheet or database programs.


Convert Level from Flumes & Weirs to Flow New Software Feature!

Convert Level from Flume or Weir log files to Flow

Convert Level-Velocity to Flow New Software Feature!

Convert Level & Velocity from Open Channel log files to Flow

New 'Real-Time' display
Real-Time Display

New Software Feature!

Real-time display with Greyline Stingray Level-Velocity Logger

Displays Water Level, Velocity and Temperature

Set Stingray logging sample rate, check battery and memory status

Greyline Logger software runs on any PC with Windows ME, NT, XP, Vista, 7 or 8.



Install a 2-million point Data Logger in a Greyline 5.0 Flow or Level Instrument

It's easy to add a data logger to Greyline flow or level instruments that are already in service.

New 5.0 models auto-detect hardware changes so you simply plug-in the logger circuit board. When the instrument powers up, data logger settings automatically appear in the calibration menu.

Greyline data loggers also download directly to USB flash drives - so you don't need to carry a laptop to the instrument to retrieve logger files.



Fast, Easy Log File Download

Greyline models with USB flash output can download directly to external thumb drives.

Simply plug in a thumb stick and the data download begins automatically. When the instrument displays "Completed" the thumb drive can be disconnected.

Run Greyline Logger software on your Windows PC to open the logger file.

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